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Agile performance testing (U.S. English)

This business white paper describes how you can integrate performance testing into your Agile processes to develop high-quality software in less time while reducing development costs. (230 KB)
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8 pages

Around the world, organizations are working to produce higher quality software in less time. This paper helps you gain a closer understanding of the integration of performance testing in agile development environments.

Also learn:

  • Key concepts, practical tips, and best practices involved in agile performance testing environments
  • HP performance management solutions that enable performance validation in agile environments: HP Performance Center software, HP Diagnostics software, and HP Business Availability Center software
  • Practical tips that you can put into action today
Table of contents
Performance testing
Why Agile? Why now?
Bringing performance testing into Agile processes
Factors to consider before you integrate Agile performance testing
How HP supports performance testing in Agile environments
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