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Succeed in the cloud with service lifecycle management

With the adoption of service lifecycle management, IT can turn cloud into an opportunity to transition into hybrid delivery. This paper lists five actions senior IT management can take to expedite this transition with minimal risk and disruption. (502 KB)
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It’s very clear the cloud has changed the dynamics of IT operations forever but, how can your IT department adapt to the climate and come out stronger, more innovative, and strategic? In this HP Business White Paper, learn how you can shift your business model to become more agile by brokering, managing, and integrating services transitioning to a hybrid delivery. Plus, discover five practical steps senior CIO’s can take to facilitate the changes without increased disruption, they include:

  • Clearly explain the benefits of the hybrid delivery model
  • Create and maintain a framework for managing the new model
  • Delegate the workload between services
  • Ensure full adoption through developing competency
  • Transition step-by-step, starting with the low-risk services
Table of contents
Executive summary
Lead or follow
Where service lifecycle management fits: dispelling the myths
Service lifecycle management as a path to hybrid delivery - five steps to success