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A closer look at HP LoadRunner software - Technical white paper

HP LoadRunner load tests your application by emulating an environment in which multiple users work concurrently. While the application is under load, LoadRunner accurately measures, monitors, and analyzes a system's performance and functionality. (720 KB)
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In this technical white paper, discover a new perspective on performance testing with the HP LoadRunner Solution. As the industry standard software for performance testing, HP LoadRunner provides a dynamic and powerful way of confirming your application’s architecture is built with efficiency and reliability. Learn how this solution tackles the downfalls of manual performance testing by replacing human users with virtual users (Vusers).

Additionally, HP LoadRunner supports multiple application platforms making scripting more efficient and easier. With four simple steps–Test planning, Test preparation, Test execution, and Test analysis & reporting–you'll learn how HP LoadRunner delivers performance testing for a range of application environments with extreme flexibility.

Table of contents
Sizing up the system
The limits of manual testing
A new take on performance testing: the HP LoadRunner solution
The HP LoadRunner solution and performance testing terminology
Inside HP LoadRunner Vuser technology
HP LoadRunner supports multiple application platforms
Performance testing process and HP LoadRunner
Measurable results