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Agile functional testing

New application architectures, such as composite/hybrid applications, cloud computing, and mobile platforms introduce challenges to today's functional testing teams, many of which are not equipped with tools and knowledge to rise to the challenges. (290 KB)
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New IT initiatives have made functional testing more challenging. Your functional testing team must be prepared to test modern applications that use new technologies and methodologies, such as cloud computing, composite applications, and agile and iterative development processes.

In this paper, learn about agile functional testing solutions to support business innovation and improve cost savings with the use of new technologies. You can also learn about HP software testing solutions:

  • HP Business Process Testing (HP BPT) software provides a framework for creating a library of re-usable testing components that can be assembled into flows that decrease the time and costs needed for test creation and maintenance.
  • HP Unified Functional Testing (HP UFT) supports all major software applications and environments for automated testing, including mobile applications and cloud infrastructure on all commonly used operating systems and platforms. HP UFT includes the well- known HP QuickTest...
Table of contents
Why modernize applications?
Executive summary
IT initiatives = headaches for testing teams
How to modernize testing for an agile enterprise
The functional testing journey