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Agile software development lifecycle approach for modern apps

Providing technology-agnostic solutions means all environments are supported, .NET, Java, SAP, Oracle--more than 70. HP solutions offer configurability, scalability, and adaptability to achieve agility throughout the complete application lifecycle. (1.0 MB)
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Many organizations have moved to Agile development but have not achieved agile delivery. You need an agile software development lifecycle approach to achieve modern IT objectives of predictability, quality, and change readiness.

In this paper learn:

  • How Agile was meant to be versus the way it often is
  • How traditional IT objectives can be in harmony with agile methods
  • Three key questions to gauge the effectiveness of your organization’s agile effort
  • How quality, automation, and collaboration solutions can enable agility across the end-to-end application lifecycle
  • The importance of adopting a broader, complete-lifecycle view for building and managing applications
Table of contents
Agile is as agile does
Have you fallen prey to scrummerfall?
Bringing it all together: the complete application lifecycle
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