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Securing your IT infrastructure with SOC/NOC collaboration: Universal Log management for IT operations--Technical white paper (US English)

This white paper explains how you can integrate log management into IT operations for a security operation center (SOC)/network operation center (NOC). The SOC/NOC integration empowers your organization to manage your IT, while keeping it safe. (1.0 MB)
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With the introduction of Enterprise 2.0 including social, mobile, local, and cloud applications, IT departments are challenged to create an open platform for collaboration while maintaining security. Learn how to align both IT operations and enterprise expectations by integrating the two using a security operation center (SOC)/network operation center (NOC).

Determine the type of data that the two groups collect and how it can be used to effectively manage your IT operations. Log management solutions offer critically important information in threat detection and knowledge sharing that can help IT operations better monitor their security. Additionally, shared infrastructure with this integration, saves money and adds a significantly broader set of log data sources.

Table of contents
Executive summary
IT operations: Handle IT incidents and performance issues
Log management: Universal log data collection, aggregation, analysis, and retention
Better together: Log management and IT operations
Customer use case
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