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The case for application performance management as a service

HP Performance Anywhere gives IT teams the freedom to quickly and easily implement its industry-leading offerings as a self-service capability. By using the SaaS approach, companies avoid long and costly on-premises deployments. (402 KB)
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As technology continues to evolve, businesses are struggling to keep pace with the increased complexity of leveraging new platforms such as e-commerce and mobile banking. Over time, companies have become more dependent upon application performance management in order to maintain key functionality and monitoring.

More importantly, a solution that implements a quick time to value and scalability depending on the organization’s needs, will be necessary to ensure an automated management approach. Furthermore, the changes in IT structure after the recession have increased the need for software as a service (SaaS). HP Performance Anywhere provides a flexible option to reduce complexity, increase DevOps collaboration, and align application performance with enterprise expectations.

Table of contents
Executive summary
Challenges facing IT organizations
The growing purpose for Software as a Service
The DevOps battle
HP Performance Anywhere: healthy application performance delivered
Social collaboration: resolving problems seamlessly
DevOps - working in unison
Decreased deployment time and operating expenses
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