Business Printer Repair and Maintenance services

For HP business printers not covered under a warranty or maintenance agreement

Does your HP printer need
repairs or service?

Out of warranty, out of contract, out of care pack? Or do you simply need a new HP maintenance kit for your laserjet, colorlaserjet, or designjet printer?

You're in the right place for repairs or service by knowledgeable HP technicians using HP original parts. With just a few clicks or a phone call and some information, we can provide you a no-obligation quote.

From there, you can submit a service order through email or fax. World-class HP support is moments away.

Who better than HP can fix your
out-of-warranty HP printer?

You're in the right place to have your HP business printer serviced after its warranty has expired.

We can repair it for you and provide the maintenance kit you need for your laserjet, colorlaserjet or designjet printer

HP quality

  • Original spare parts
  • Certified HP technicians


  • Repaired printers receive 3-month warranties
    (depending on country regulations)

Easy and fast

  • Get a no-obligation quote in 3 minutes
  • Order by email or fax
  • Printers are usually repaired within a few days

All inclusive price

  • No surprise costs

Everything you need

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance kits
  • Installation services
  • Contracts

Frequently asked questions

Who can use the HP Instant Repair website?
The site is for public sector accounts and businesses requiring onsite repairs for printers that are out of warranty or out of contract. This site is also for customers who need to change their maintenance kits irrespective of their warranty status. We provide onsite services for HP Laserjet mono and color, Multi-function printers, HP Designjets, and commercial scanners.
I am a domestic user with a printer for personal usage. Am I on the right website?
No, this website is only for registered businesses. The phone number for personal printers support is 0860 104 771.
What is covered in my price quote?
Your quote covers parts, labor and onsite intervention. It is all-inclusive and firm. No hidden or surprise costs will be added.
Can I get a quote with parts only?
No. We focus on providing complete repair service through our extensive network of highly qualified technicians. We take great pride in using only original HP parts.
What is the time frame for intervention?
We usually provide onsite intervention within 3 days after receiving your signed quotation. You can return your acceptance by email or fax.
Do I get a new warranty on my repaired machine?
Yes, the printer repair service will provide you with a 3-month warranty (depending on country regulations).
What other services can we provide?
Besides receiving excellent HP printer repairs and HP maintenance kit services, you may also subscribe to a 12-month warranty extension.
I still have some questions. Who can I contact?
Our call centre is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, please call +27 21 672 4036.

Need a fix for an out-of-warranty HP business computer?

Call us or contact us. We can also repair it for you.

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    Both numbers can be found on the Universal Product Code (UPC) or Service Tag sticker located on the back, side or bottom of your product.


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